Sunday, June 6, 2010

When the Political Incorrectness Fad Meets the Expensive Cupcake Fad

Things get ugly:

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Jay said...

Original slogan=not offensive
Calling her a fat C=dumb and offensive

The one thing that really confused me was the author saying that the political-correctness phase has passed. That's ridiculous. Sure, some people are jerks and some companies don't have good customer service (see Kevin Smith's recent flap with SouthWest) but political correctness is alive and well. Just the fact that someone would take the time to complain about that innocuous slogan being offensive shows that PC is still around. People have just found better ways to be annoying than using unPC language.

(For example, during Smith's SW episode, they humiliated him by throwing him off the plane but everyone used ridiculous euphemisms because they were too scared to call him-or any customer-fat)