Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Avocado Leaf Tea

Our friend Dr. Jonathan Dworkin "discovered" this drink during a stint with a traditional medicine practitioner in Hawaii. I decided I would try it whenever I had some leaves on hand, and the perfect opportunity presented itself while pruning an indoor avocado sapling given to me after it sprouted in a friend's compost heap in Vermont.

I covered two dry leaves with almost boiling water and let steep about seven minutes. The liquor was a smooth and rich, golden-green drink with a noticeable calming effect.

Blinded by the fruit, we often ignore the full range of a plant's possibilities. We're never more than a stone's throw away from a cup of coffee, yet few of us have ever tasted amertassa or kuti, the green and black equivalents of coffee leaf tea. Or kish'r, the drink made from the coffee cherry itself. Nor have we simply eaten the coffee cherry, which some say has flavors of watermelon and jasmine.

Drinking a.l.t. helped me better understand the avocado itself. What an all around soothing and sensual experience it is to eat that fruit, in terms of texture, color, flavor and even temperature. There are many uses for different parts of the plant, including the seed, which is used to treat both snakebite and unwanted pregnancy. Fortunately, I had no need of testing its powers as a vermifuge.

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Stephen Cawelti said...

Thanks for the intro to this tea.

Aaron said...

My pleasure.

Anonymous said...

thank you for your nice blog on alt. I was introduced to alt about 10 years ago when a philipino nurse suggested that I drink this tea to help get over a urinary tract infection. I used 2-3 cups a day for several days. I am happy to say that it helped. I used it in cojunction with antibiotics.

Brenda said...

I hope its OK to post this -- I am an "avocado maniac" here in California. My site is dedicated to selling unique avocaodos and avocado products. We sell dried avocado leaves for teas and cooking too!. Best wishes,